If you are looking for a French Bulldog puppy or dog, then you have come to the right place! We are unique in offering the world’s finest French Bulldogs and puppies. This is our passion and we want to share our passion with the world! Why Choose  Frenchies? We started as a family run passion in 1998. We are proud and delighted to have the opportunity to provide the special love of one of our beautiful top quality puppies to all kinds families and persons. We have had the opportunity to meet some very interesting and famous personalities. We are 100% confident that you will fall in love with our luxurious puppies and our 5 star service. We go above and beyond for our customers, and we are proud to do so. Please Feel free to contact us and make an appointment to come and visit our stunning puppies. Puppy care experience If you have never had any experience with a small puppy, we highly advise that you read our page, Puppy care. The information will provide you with the basic knowledge and understanding on how to take care of a small puppy.
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What Comes With our puppies?

Every Puppy comes with a puppy pack which includes; Toys, puppy treat, pee pads, food, generation certificate and vaccination card.Our Puppies also include life time support and a piece of mind one year health guarantee.
Our Rottweiler puppies are a part of our big happy family. They love to herd ducks and goats, plus they get along well with the cats. There are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. They have very unique personalities that you cannot help but fall in love with! These magnificent dogs will steal your heart with their comical antics and sweet personalities. Take a look and hold on to your heart. Being raised underfoot of such a big, caring and loving family ensures proper socialization and training. They develop personalities just like a person would. We take so much pride in each and every one of our Rottweiler puppies.

What Makes Us So Special. 

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I am very proud as to how we raise our puppies. They are so delicate and fragile, impressionable and special. We do not lock them in cages and forget about them. We do not ignore them til they are ready to go to a new home. We love our puppies and have so much fun with each litter. My kids cry each time one leaves still! When a litter is expected, mother is kept in her ‘bed’ crate in the room with us while we closely monitor her actions, temp, and mood. When her temp drops, or her actions tell us she is close she is moved into the bathroom with a special delivery bed lined with clean puppy pads. Puppy pads are changed after the birth of each puppy to ensure the pups are kept clean and sanitary.  In the summer we run our air so that our home doesn’t get to hot and for the dogs. Fresh food and water is there for her and a puppy pad is put out ‘just in case’ she can’t wait to go outside. That makes them stronger, friendlier, more outgoing, confident, and makes the transition to your home easier since all they need to get used to is your new family! Kenneled dogs don’t get this. I hope you enjoy our site. If you have any suggestions on how I could make it better feel free to drop me a note. I am always open for feedback.Image result for LOGOS OF FRENCH BULLDOGS